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#money #budgeting #resources #tips #help
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5 Handyman Jobs You Can Turn Into A Business

If you are a someone who enjoys a bit of manual labor from time to time, it might be a good idea to dabble in getting paid for this kind of work. For example, manual jobs are always needed and you could even start your own small business providing services for your neighbors. Here are just a few of the different manual jobs you could try this year.

Heating Installation

[This post contains ads] If you want to have a bit of a change in your life and a new start, a good idea would be to take a HVAC training program and become a heating installer. This will allow you to be around your local community providing services to people you love as well as making a good name for yourself in the area. It can be a fun job and one which provides you with new challenges each day.

Painting and Decorating

For someone who loves to be a bit creative and show off their flair, a great idea for a job could be to become a painter and decorator. You’ll be able to spend each day creating new interior design for people and every day will be different. It will be a fun job and you’ll be able to really let out some of that creative flair for your customers. You can even offer design services where you propose your own idea for their homes!

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If you aren’t afraid of heights and you enjoy working in the fresh air, then roofing can be the ideal job for you. Everyone wants a sturdy roof on their home and it is something which people are willing to pay good money for. Plus, if you are a perfectionist this can be such a satisfying job when every tile is laid out perfectly at the end of the day! You’ll be able to make a killing and this can provide you with the money you need to look after your family as well as have a good quality of life.


Becoming an electrician is a really great trade to be in and it can be incredibly lucrative once you start. Being an electrician involves a lot of climbing and crawling as well as learning about how electricity really works. If you are interested in science, this could be a great job idea for you because it will really teach you a lot about how things work.


If you fancy yourself a bit of an artist and you have a VERY steady hand to work with, plastering can be the ideal job for you. Plastering really is an art form and those textured ceilings take a lot of practice to eat right. But even a perfectly smooth wall can take time to get right and it can really be a great job for someone with an eye for detail and the ability to work to make everything absolutely perfect.

These do-it-yourself repair jobs can be turned into amazing handyman businesses.

These options are easy to work as a weekend side hustle as you build your clientele big enough to replace your regular income (or just keep it as a side hustle, that’s okay too). Leave us a comment, which one of these would you consider? Here are some great resources from Amazon to help you decide –

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These do-it-yourself repair jobs can be turned into amazing handyman businesses.
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