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#money #budgeting #resources #tips #help
#money #budgeting #resources #tips #help
budgeting and debt free methods for families
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A Financial Blogger’s Comprensive Method To Becoming Debt Free…

When we were starting to pursue our dream of being financially independant, there were many, many time where the act of earning and saving money becomes a minefield of problems.

[This post contains ads] Whether you are starting up a new business, or you are trying to put some money aside, the biggest issue most of us have is that there is no comprehensive plan of attack. Trust me, it took us forever to work through this issue, so I know how hard it is. However, having a plan is a vital component of earning “enough,” so that the money you are making is enough to cover needs and plans. So, what did we finally start doing that ACTUALLY made a difference for us?

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Taking The Slower Road

The big misconception about investing is that it’s a quick way to earn a lot of money. Investing is such a long, drawn-out affair, so if you are impatient, and you want results now, this is not the option you need.

The real way to succeed in the investment game is about learning where your money is best going. While this sounds a bit too simple, shrewd investors don’t put a little bit of money in every pot they see, they put a chunk of money into one pot, and see how it materializes over time. Sometimes the markets work out and sometimes they don’t work out.

Cryptocurrency is one of those markets that appeared to be a sure thing at one time but now, something like bitcoin is so popular you would wonder why it’s worth investing in this now. So, why buy bitcoin online? Bitcoin is something that increases and decreases with value, much like any other share. But the real trick to improving your knowledge of the market is to pick a handful of shares and stick with them.

Make The Mental Shift

It’s the part of saving money that nobody likes, but if you have a goal in mind, you’ve got to make some sacrifices so that you can see that long-term gain. The biggest difficulty we had with building a savings was that it was hard to change our mindset from ‘going without’ to ‘enjoying a simplier lifestyle.’

Changing how we think about cutting expenses makes the changes last longer and become a lifestyle instead of a crash ‘dieting.’ For most of us, our mindset is that budgeting or savings means doing without. But the fact of the matter is lifestyle alterations can be done in covert ways so you don’t notice these big changes.

A very simple and effective example is your morning coffee. If you are in the habit of picking one up while you are out, the cost of this one cup of coffee, over the course of the year it’s going to be a substantial amount. Here are the numbers – your coffee cost $3.00, and we add this up over the course of a year, allowing for time off (say 48 weeks), this is $720.00 per year! So by getting rid of this one cup of coffee, you’ve made a killing in savings. Another easy one to think about is bottled water – we found that bottled water was using up about $600-$700 a year. At the very least, switch to buying these in bulk on Amazon and save some of that money that was being spent on household items.

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Between these 2 things, we could have put away a savings of $1500 a year and over $5000 since we have been together. Turn this to other parts of your life, and make one swap here and there, and there’s no limit to how much you can save. Combine this with other approaches, such as shunning lunches from the store, changing utility suppliers, or being more economical in your driving, and you will see a big difference.

Oh and pro-tip here – Don’t just let that money go back into the bank account budget. Pull out your normal coffee money every week, when you don’t buy, save the cash. It makes a huge impact when you see those dollars adding up to $100 or more a week.

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Freelancing Your Free Time

You knew this one was coming right? Come on, you know that extra income gives you more money to work with. And there are millions of ways to supplement your 9-to-5, such as opening a handyman business or daycare for friends or driving for Lyft.

If you are supplementing for a goal, you should put a time or date limit on hustling. We found that mapping our schedules out in the calendar, we could easily find where we had spare time at. A few hours here and there could be spent earning a little bit of money, it adds up quickly. We also had to be consistent with turning off social media and actually doing our hustles (I mean, who wouldn’t doesn’t like Facebook games and scrolling, we aren’t perfect either, okay?) Oh, another option – you can just work on social media and look for the various freelance projects out there that involve scrolling through social media.

Another idea for hustling is selling items online. Other options include completing an online survey, or do small gigs on sites like Fiverr. If you are starting a full business, crowdfunding is one of those approaches that have been very popular, and you would be surprised as to how many businesses have got their start from crowdfunding.

There are numerous stories out there about people who have got out of debt in the space of 12 to 18 months, and I know, is it realistic? But the bottom line is that they were able to escape their debt because they cut their life down to the bare minimum and figured out ways to grow their incomes. If you are looking for the best way to raise a substantial amount of funds, the solution is very simple; you’ve got to take the comprehensive approach. And if one method isn’t working, it’s time to combine two methods. If this doesn’t work, we combine it again, and again, until it works.

budgeting and debt free methods for families

Leave us a comment, share where you are in your journey of becoming finanically independant. Then check out these budgeting resources on Amazon –

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budgeting and debt free methods for families

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