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#money #budgeting #resources #tips #help
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What You Need To Do To Beat Anxiety and Stress…

In recent years, there seems to have been an explosion in people experiencing mental health issues in recent years, and this is hardly surprising when you think of how fast-paced and pressurized much of modern life is for most people.

Sadly, mental health issues can really impact our overall health drastically. That’s why it is so important that we all do what we can to boost our mental health. For many people, this will mean seeing adoctor or therapist, and possibly taking medication, but sometimes we can boost our mood just by getting in an hour or two of good exercise.

With that in mind, here are some of the best physical activities for boosting mental health…


[This post contains ads] Walking is so simple and gentle that most of us can manage it. Getting out in the fresh air, moving your body and communing with nature has been shown to relieve anxiety, boost mood and aid in physical health too. I love getting in a 45 minute walk every day, but I started off being able to only walk 15 mins at a time. Get together with some friends, lace up your boots and find a pretty place to hike. Even if you do this just once a week it will help.


I used to love running, but I always have had asthma, so I am relearning how to run again. My husband, on the other hand, along with our 2 dogs LOVE to go running. They zone out and tend to be gone for an hour. I’ve heard it said that all of your problems melt away and endorphins are released into your blood stream, which will decrease your stress for a longer period of time.

If you really get into running, consider getting a membership through ActiveAdvantage, so that you can get discounted (or EVEN FREE) running gear and special prices on competitive runs and events.

If you have a child who’s experiencing mental health issues, encouraging them to run track, even if that means investing in custom track uniforms and expensive sneakers, is a great way to build their confidence up and help them to feel better too. Running is for everyone and it can make a difference.


Oh I do this one too! I try to do an online yoga video every evening. I love taking the time to slow down and relax at the end of the day. Yoga is often recommended to people dealing with anxiety and depression, because it can take you outside your mental state while relaxing your body and giving you greater peace of mind. Yoga is basically movement and meditation combined and it is hard not to feel soothed and renewed once you’ve tried it.

Yoga for Healing

Treat yoga like learning to dance – you don’t know all the moves to your Latin dances, but you watch and repeat what you can understand until you can get all the moves. Moment of honesty – I’m pretty sure it took me 6 months to master a simple


Swimming isn’tjust good for burning fat and toning up – it can be amazing for mental health. A few fast lengths of your local pool will certainly help to low the cobwebs away and make you feel a bit better about yourself. However, if you can stand to swim in the ocean, or bodies of cold water in particualr you will get even more benefits because iutcan shock you out of your state andboost your immune system so that you feel better overall.

All of these activities are amazing to get your mood boosted. As you are learning to cope and deal with life using exercise as your stress outlet, you may find that you actually really enjoy pushing your physical abilities.

If you are looking for motivation and a little compitition in your workouts, you NEED to check out Healthy Wage. Healthy Wage is an app that you can compete in company, team or personal bets on getting healthier. Literally, it is win-win, you win for your health and you win money. Now that is a side hustle!

#exercise #stress #attitude #change #beginers #fitness #running #walking #yoga #swimming

How do you relax and unwind when your mental stress is getting too much? Leave us a comment and then check out these resources on Amazon –

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#exercise #stress #attitude #change #beginers #fitness #running #walking #yoga #swimming

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  1. I enjoyed this post. Exercise, even light or moderate, is a great way to boost our mood. So is going outside into the sunlight and fresh air. Combine going outdoors with some exercise, like at a park or something, for an extra boost! 🙂


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