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4 Easy Steps To Never Lose Motivation Again

Have you noticed I have been a little inconsistent with blogging and posting lately? I wish I had a grand excuse… besides moving, a toddler and a new job, that’s some good reasons, right? I don’t know though, I am done with not being motivated, so let’s talk about… being consistent! AND MOTIVATED!!! Here are the 4 ways I use to get back on track with my dreams and goals when life is trying to slow me down…

Check The Mindset

What prevents us from making sudden, massive changes? Well, usually the resistants starts in the mindset. I assume you try to be uplifting and encourage other people’s dreams, right? But do you do the same thing to yourself?

Here is an interesting fact – saying OR hearing the word “NO” increases our emotional turmoil and it makes us feel like we are actually experiencing bad situations. Research shows that we must “continuously and repeatably” use kind words to replace the natural bend toward negativity. It takes 5 positive statements to replace a ‘just a frown!’ WHAT???? You’ve got a-lot of catching up on those inspiring words!

Another fact that I learned in the book, Feel Free To Prosper, is that even if you are saying something like “Not ugly,” the brain will dismiss the not to focus only on the negative word. It looks like we need to completely rewrite our vocabulary and thoughts. Here is one video I listen to help me with this AND that encourages my faith in God – (youtube – blessed and unstoppable”)

Re-Evaluate Time Usage

I know I keep saying this, like I did here and here, but time management IS the biggest reason all of us are losing motivation. Well, at least, it is for me. Okay, confession here – hubby and I have started playing Pokemon again and I know that is where too much time is going. When I add the time I spent in front of TV watching Master Chef or NCIS, I realized I could add about 10 hours back into my week that could be used for helping me stay on track for my dreams.

If you are struggling with getting your schedule adjusted, so you can find time for your priorities, I strongly suggest buying the “Ultimate Productivity Bundle.” SERIOUSLY! The planners and schedules that are included is what I exclusively used to find my motivation again…

Busy week? You've got this!

End Excuses

This week, I decided to start working out again. Guess what I suddenly found myself doing? Needing naps, needing more time to get ready, finding excuses, even some how running late. I had to tell myself, “STOP IT! You are acting like a toddler avoiding chores or nap time! It’s time to go walk!”

Isn’t it amazing how we all do this? I always told my students that our brains are the laziest muscles we have, they always are trying to find ways not to do what we perceive as challenging or new. Our brain will actually protest for AT LEAST 3 weeks trying to prevent us from doing new things, that means you have to turn off the excuses and force yourself to do it anyway. The actual average time it takes to make a new habit automatic is 66 days! That’s 8 weeks before your brain stops protesting, so get ready for alot of excuses you have to over come. Best way to do that? Change your mindset!

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Celebrate In The Sludgy-Moments

I like that word. Sludge. Sludgy-moments. It just makes you feel exactly what those long days of trying to form a habit feels like – it’s sludge, you keep going and going and no results are seen and no one cares but you, but you keep going and going and going andddddddddddddd going some more. 2 months? 2 years? 20 years? Even if the results are slow, celebrate them! Make your life one where little victories are celebrated. And when you finally see your goals happening every single day, you will be able to celebrate EVERY DAY for your persistence and habits.

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As you work toward staying motivated in your goals and dreams, here are some great resources that has helped me from Amazon – 

Yes, I include affiliate (ad) links in all my blog posts, however it is only with companies and products I highly recommend. I receive a small commission if you buy through my links, so thanks in advance! Lydia Y-S

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