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How To Tell If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Most people experience at least one toxic relationship in their life. Toxic relationships are so described because they ultimately cause you more pain than good. However, while they might be easy to explain on paper, they are tricky to identify in real life – especially if you are in the middle of it.

For anybody being stuck in such a difficult situation, your first instinct is not to escape from the relationship, but instead to look for a solution to improve your couple life. Not everything is black and white in life, and sometimes an unhappy relationship can be revived for the better. However, sometimes it can’t be, and you need to put your needs first. The only way of knowing what’s best is to take your needs into consideration from the start, here are some signs that you may need to start setting boundaries in your relationships.

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You Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough

Life is stressful. And living with someone who’s going through a lot of stress can be devastating. Indeed, your partner might become snappy or cruel as a result of their pressure. More often than not, people who are struggling to cope don’t notice how their behavior can affect those around them. However, as stress can be contagious, you might find yourself experiencing high anxiety as a consequence. Try to talk openly with your partner about the situation – they might not have realized the effect they have on you, and it is very important to set clear boundaries through good communication.

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Stress can make people develop excessive coping habits. And while there’s a major gap between someone gets snappy and someone who chooses to drink to numb their worries, the underlying cause might be the same. However, the consequences of their behavior are beyond comparison. As this testimonial reveals, living with a high functioning alcoholic leads to pain, disappointment and depression. While you can try to address the situation honestly, you can’t make your partner quit their bad habits if they don’t want to. When they refuse to get better, you need to put yourself first and leave.

You know you can’t trust them

If your partner has cheated on you, you need to answer an essential question for yourself, namely whether you can forgive and forget or whether the relationship is over. The debate is divided, and while some agree that you can stay together, others claim you shouldn’t forgive. There is no right or wrong. But you need to be aware that cheating is a choice, not an accident. Consequently, if you are not comfortable with someone you can’t trust to be faithful, the relationship may not be worth saving.

Make sure that you are in a healthy relationship where you can thrive and be yourself.

Honestly, life after a toxic relationship can be difficult. A lot of people who have escaped from a damaging relationship find it difficult to feel strong and confident. Once the relationship with your partner is over; you need to focus your attention on rediscovering your relationship with yourself. Now is time for healing and self-love. You have to look after yourself before you can build something new with someone else. Here are some great resources on Amazon to help you – 

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Make sure that you are in a healthy relationship where you can thrive and be yourself.
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