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You’ve made considerable headway with regards to saving money, such as changing your attitude towards money, and making a few of the biggest sacrifices ever in your financial life, but you’re still struggling to get by. 

Why do you think this is? If you’ve made a considerable change to your lifestyle, and you’ve adopted an approach to paying off debt, possibly the reason you’re struggling is because you haven’t changed your attitude towards the very basics in life. This is something a lot of us can overlook, because we need the basics. But, when it comes to these basics in life, there are some ways for you to save money.

We decided to do a he-said-she-said on this one, because we both CONSISTENTLY come up with different approaches and different answers to what we think of when we talk about “cutting down expenses…”

He Said – “Invest In Your Car To Cut Down Bigger Expenses Later!”

[This post contains ads] While you can find cheaper insurance, especially on sites like cheapautoinsurance.co, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Your insurance is always going to be a vital part of keeping your auto costs down, but if you look at how you drive, as opposed to the costs of maintaining your vehicle, you might find ways to save money in other ways.

For example, driving economically, and understanding how much fuel you burn, based on certain driving habits, is a lifesaver. If you find yourself constantly idling, not only does this put more strain on the engine, but if you are driving a manual vehicle, this can wear out the clutch. Finding the best way to keep the car in pristine condition will mean you save money on its upkeep, and therefore it won’t need to go to the mechanics as often.

Of course, there are things we can’t avoid when it comes to the expenses of a car, but we can drive more economically, and also choose to not use the car. This isn’t about taking public transport when and where you can, but more about being less lazy. Go for a walk! You will save some money!

She Said – “Your Food Budget Is The Easiest Place To Find Some Slack!”

You might feel that because you’re making considerable sacrifices to save money, that you can’t be deprived of your favorite foods. Now, this isn’t about going without, although there are many different health benefits of fasting, but it’s about making your food go further.

On self.com there’s some handy hints on making fresh food last longer. In addition to finding ways to make your food go longer, you can batch cook meals, meaning that you won’t feel tempted to go for a take away when there is nothing to eat.

Planning your meals is one of those age-old approaches that can save you a lot of money. And if you are tempted by sweet treats, and they make a considerable dent in your finances, making some healthy swaps, and finding whole foods that fill you up, will reduce the temptation to snack on sweet and expensive candy.


As you can see, 2 very different approaches and answers to this concern with saving more money. Once you began looking for ways to save money, it is pretty easy to figure out ways to save money here and there. Leave us a comment about how your family is cutting expenses.

#money #budgeting #budget #tips #savings #frugal #tips

Yes, it is okay to get off track, just make sure you don’t stay there. Leave us a comment about how you get back on track when you get lost in your finances. And check out these resources from Amazon on getting out of debt!

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