Our Story

We started this blog as I was trying to figure out budgeting (totally different when a spouse is involved and you can't just boss them around, darn it!) and how to decrease my constant stress at time constraints, did I mention money, and always being busy. We also have spent many years working for ourselves and starting businesses, so I talk about that ALOT too! So many challenges to overcome, but so much joy in doing what we love!

Sometimes it feels like it has been a slow journey, but we are finding that a simple, balanced life is what we are wanting. As we figure out this life, we would love to have you join us.

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Lydia Samson

Blogger, writer, social media manager, budget-er and CFO (at least I want to belief so!), yoga-learner, butterfly lover, mis-match sock wearer, coffee drinker, mom of 1 amazing son, photographer of unsuspecting husband, Type 1 Diabetic, warrior and strong woman of faith and gratitude who is learning to simplify, empower and find balance.